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Nivaran 90 Digestive Antacid

Thousands of population are suffering from hyperacidity and indigestion problem due to changed lifestyle and emergence of Junk food eateries. Home-made food contains natural herbs, condiments and minerals which are available in our kitchen cabinet and we are using them in one form or other in our dishes.

If you just analyse the list of ingredients in Nivaran 90 Digestive–antacid preparation, you can pick out ajowan, cumin seed, dhania, jeera and asafoetida along with blackpepper, pippali all of them in one way or other regulate acid secretion in stomach, neutralise the excess acid and increase the secretion of digestive juice. Balancing the acid secretion and increases the digestive power at a time is found only in ayurvedic medicines.

The fundamental holistic philosophy of Ayurveda is to nib the disease at its root and prevents occurrence. This can be achieved only by a mixture of herbal and minerals with diversified activities. Nivarin-90 has the unique reputation since the formula is taken from the ancient palm leaves manuscript practiced by hereditary ayurvedic practitioner.

In modern medicine antacid, antiulcerants and digestants are made from chemicals with many side effects starting from nausea, vomiting and end in malignancy of some organs on long term use. Though they give instant relief but serious side effects prevent their use for a long period.

Herbomineral preparation Nivaran 90 Digestive-Antacid preparation is 100% Natural and made only from natural herbs and minerals as recommended in ayurvedic texts… It is free from side effects and did not cause any serious problems like cancer in particular organs.




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