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 Dr. Robert F. Furchgott Nobel Laureater – 1998


Dr. John Garthwaite

Who are the experts on Nitric Oxide (NO)?

The foremost is Dr. Robert F. Furchgott of Brooklyn Hospital, New York, Who discovered Nitric Oxide(NO) in the human body for the first time in the world. For this discovery Dr. Furchgott received the 1998 Nobel Prize for Medicine. Nitric Oxide(NO) functions as a signaling molecule in the cardiovascular system. Dr. Furchgott made the breakthrough discovery in 1998 that blood vessels are widened by Nitric Oxide(NO) thereby relaxing the blood vessels and effecting good blood flow. In 1998, another pioneer, Dr. John Garthwaite of the Liverpool Institute, London, discovered, for the first time ever, Nitric Oxide(NO) in the brain. He further discovered that Nitric Oxide(NO) plays a remarkable role as a messenger between brain cells, carrying information and improving connectivity.

Who is applying this knowledge in India?

Even as these discoveries were being made, here in India, scientist in our company, Sujatha Bio Tech Limited, made a breakthrough. They developed a formula called Memory Plus derived from the miracle herb Brahmi. Dr. Furchgott, in the very year that he won the Nobel Prize, tested Memory Plus in his laboratory along with our Managing Director Dr. C.K. RajKumar and confirmed that it enhanced the production of the ‘Wonder Health Molecule’ Nitric Oxide(NO).

Does Memory Plus really work?

Amazingly well! Memory Plus was also tested by Dr. John Garthwaite who confirmed that by enhancing the production of Nitric Oxide(NO), Memory Plus improved connectivity in the brain. In the year 1999, Dr. John Garthwaite had proved that Memory Plus increased memory through a process called Long-term potentiation in the brain cells.

In 2000, the unanswered mysteries regarding the memory mechanism were finally laid to rest by Dr. Eric Kandel of Columbia University. His explanation of the memory mechanism through Long-term potentiation was accepted by the Nobel Committee as the fundamental mechanism of memory and he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in the year 2000.

Thus, Memory Plus became the first natural product in the world to satisfy the fundamental mechanism of memory, as set forth by the Nobel Committee in 2000. What’s more, the effectiveness of Memory Plus was proved by none other than the two highest authorities on Nitric Oxide(NO) in the world.