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World’s 1st Memory Enhancing Cereal and Beverage
Memory vita
… it works !! …So why wait?
Memory is indispensable for people of all ages to succeed in life – be it in academics, work or sports.
See for yourself, the indisputable evidences of Memory Plus / Memory Vita, which clearly establishes it as the world’s safest and the only natural anti-stress memory enhancer. Formulated by doctors it is clinically proven (as per US FDA) to work for you and your child in under 90 days. Visit to know more.
Fact 1: Brahmi – the brain power
The plant Brahmi was described in the ancient Atharva Veda as a health elixir that enhances memory. This has been analyzed in modern labs and identified to have two wonder
molecules “Bacosides – A & B” instrumental in enhancing memory.
Fact 2: Stress buster in 7 days
These wonder molecules are concentrated to an optimum level and formulated as Memory Plus,
which enhances memory in the brain cells by 1. Increasing the new protein synthesis and Cyclic GMP. 2. Reducing the stress proteins (hsp 70) to keep you and your children fresh throughout the day to read and work more without tiredness (Report: ITRC/CSIR)
These wonder molecules are concentrated to an optimum level and formulated as Memory Plus,
which enhances memory in the brain cells by increasing the new protein synthesis and Cyclic GMP, and reduces the stress proteins (hsp 70) to keep you fresh and energetic all through the day. (Report: ITRC/CSIR)
Fact 3: Clinically proven in 90 days
A 90 day double blind placebo controlled clinical trial as per UD FDA, conducted on ADHD children, confirmed that Memory Plus significantly improves sentence repetition, logical memory, paired associate learning and is absolutely safe. Children taking Memory Plus performed 3 times better in tests than the Placebo group. The Memory Plus group scored 21.7 points as against Placebo’s 6.1 points.
Fact 4: Lunch by the then Prime Minister
On February 28, 1996, the then Prime Minister of India, late Shri P.V. Narsimha Rao launched Memory Plus and appreciated its scientific value. He predicted that it may prevent the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease in old age, and hence will be a great boon for mankind.
Fact 5: Cover story by ‘TIME’ magazine
Appreciations from leading global publications including the prestigious TIME magazine – May 5, 1997 (All across India … as a result)
Fact 6: Memory Plus – Nature’s ultimate solution for memory enhancement
Path breaking research by American Nobel Laureate Dr. R Furchgot and UK scientist Prof. John Grathwaite –
Memory Plus was further researched in 1998 by an American Nobel Laureate and a UK Scientist, who were discoverers of a super molecule – ‘Nitric Oxide’ called ‘NO’, which controls the basic cellular and our entire body functions. They established the fact that Memory Plus increases the ‘NO’ in the brain cells. This ‘NO’ is the much searched ‘RETROGRADE’ messenger molecule which carries information from one brain cell to another to enhance memory, learning and recall by a mechanism called LTP (Long Term Potentiation and also New Protein Synthesis. This was accepted for the first time by the Nobel Committee as the fundamental mechanism of memory formation and its discoverer Dr. Eric Kandel was given the Nobel Prize in the year 2000.
This is the ultimate proof of the memory formation mechanism (LTP) which was accepted by the Nobel Committee, and was proved to be in Memory Plus (LTP and New Protein Synthesis) by Prof John Garthwaite, UK in 1999.
For more info about ‘NO’, Dr. Robert F Furchgott and Prof John Garthwaite, search Google – Nitric Oxide : From menace to marvel of the decade by Pearce Wright, a briefing document for the Royal Society and association of British Science writers.
Fact 7: The final breakthrough
To sum up, Memory Plus is the safest and the only natural product in the world which has proven 3 times more effective in clinical trials as against a modern drug by increasing Nitric Oxide ‘NO’ in brain cells, as proved by Dr. John Garthwaite of UK. Memory Plus can prevent Dementia or old age associated memory loss, mainly caused by low production of Nitric Oxide – a major problem for baby boomers. There are more interesting evidences of Memory Plus on human brain cells established by Dr. B.V Kumar of Gulf War Veterans Hospital, St. Louis, USA.
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Fact 8: Admiration and endorsements from world-renowned personalities
1). .V.Narsimha Rao, Prime Minister, India 1991-96
2). Anand, Chess champ, 1996 Memory Plus Brand Ambassador
3). Sri Sathya Sai Baba gives to his students (see video)
4). Mangoruthu Buthelezi, President, South Africa
5). Dr. Deepak Chopra MD Advisor President, USA, global philosopher
6). I.K.Gujral Prime Minister, India 1996-97
7). Chandra Shekhar Prime Minister, India 1990-91
8). Dr. N Rangabhashyam, President Surgeon, Chennai, India
9). Judge S. Kalyanam Retd. VP CEGAT India
10). Dr Jannie Tay Sec. ASEAN Singapore
11). Adam Ritson Rugby Champ Australia
Fact 9: November, 2004
Now all these goodness, efficacy and safety of Memory Plus for the first time in the world is converted for the convenience of all ages specially for children in to Memory Vita beverage, cocoas, oats, cereal; with delectable taste and flavour.
Fact 10: other health benefits
Memory Plus lowers stress proteins in the brain cells as per the research done by ITRC/CSIR in 1997 ***. Hence it is a great boon for travelers as it rapidly reduces travel stress and jet lag. The Oats and Isabgul in Memory Vita cereals help in keeping your heart healthy by reducing cholesterol and effecting weight loss.
So, why wait? Join the Memory Vita 90 day money back challenge*at absolutely no health risk. Have Memory Plus or a hot cup of Memory Vita daily, or grab a bowl of memory enhancing Cocoas Cereal every day and taste success in 90 days or less (as per the dosage and instructions in the pack and website). For more information –our website

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