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India’s Largest Selling Herbal Sachet Cough Syrup

Nivaran 90 is a Monopoly Product in the Indian Market.

The main ingredient is…

. Nivaran 90 is formulated by a Doctor. It is packet with the goodness of nature
and meets all the Prescribed homes of an ideal cough syrup.
. Occimum sanctum & Vasaka…Anti Infective cough suppressants
. Alpine galanga & Glycyrrhira Glabra relieve asthma and bronchitis.
. Campho offcinarum & Menthus arsenic… Demulcents relive whooping cough
and bronchitis.
. Myths caryophilus & cinnamonum cassia anti infective
. Citrus Bergamia & Cubeba officinalis and stimulant and expectorant
. Myristica programs & Elattaria cardamomum demulcent

The Essential constituents of the herbs are extracted by filled in a sachet by automatic filling machines. The product in analyses and tested at every stage of Manufacture.

Nivaran 90 is the world’s first herbal cough syrup dispensed in sachets. The sachets are dispensed not only in medical outlet but also in department stores, small retail shops in both the urban and rural areas. The sachet being handy and convenient to carry. also comes at a very affordable prices for the common man.

Nivaran 90 is safe for infants children pregnant and lactating mother and the elderly

Nivaran 90 can be used by “Anybody at Any time and Any where”.

The act of coughing is a protective reflex action by the human body to expect the irritant matter form the respiratory passage the dry or no productive cough is caused by tobacco smoking allergens etc., and is due to inflammation, congestion and irritation in the windpipe. This is treated by a demulcent (Soothing agent), the productive cough caused by accumulated respiratory secretions in factorial and viral infections. is treated by defaulting the sputum and expelling it. though the market is cluttered with various cough treatment formulations that claim to be remedial these formulations contain various chemicals ( antihistamines, codeine, etc) that cause sedations affect the nervous system cause constipation and are addictive. Hence there is a need for an ideal cough syrup contain an expectorant, mucolytic and soothing agent and a cough suppress ant being totally free from any undesirable side effects in a Patient. Nivaran 90 is breakthrough in cough treatment and is a combination of the safest and most effective herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients. The ingredients have a proven track record since ancient times. Nivaran 90 cough syrup which is dispensed in single – dose sachet is hence safe effective, convenient and economical