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About Us

Sujatha Biotech was established in 1990. An ophthalmologist by training, Dr. Rajkumar was working to realize his father’s vision of providing effective and innovative healthcare solutions to the masses.

Dr. Rajkumar’s efforts started in personal care with the launch of Velvette shampoo – the brand that heralded the sachet revolution and changed the Indian FMCG landscape forever. Ever since, Sujatha Biotech has consistently focused on developing innovative products with wisdom and science at their core. Over 25 years, led by its founder and chief innovator, the company has developed five path breaking and clutter-cutting brands, trusted by consumers:

Nivaran 90 followed Velvette and created a totally new category, offering a unique formulation that provided relief from cough and cold in the unmatched convenience of a sachet.

Then came Memory Plus, the first natural product to enhance the memory mechanism. As the highest testament to the science behind Memory Plus, Memory Plus was tested by Dr. Robert Furchgott, a Nobel Prize winning scientist, and it was confirmed to enhance the production of the Wonder Health Molecule Nitric Oxide (NO). Dr. John Garthwaite, who had studied Nitric Oxide in the brain, also tested Memory Plus and confirmed that it enhanced the production of NO.

Memory Vita followed, embedding the same breakthrough in new consumer-friendly forms – beverage and biscuits.

In the meantime, the Nivaran 90 brand was extended. Nivaran 90 antacid is a highly effective combination of the most trusted ingredients of Ayurveda for handling hyperacidity, indigestion, and gas.

Jeeran, the latest, is a digestive appetizer, once again leveraging traditional science and our company’s unique ability to create highly effective and safe products.

This powerful portfolio of brands is powered by a business founded on values, integrity, R&D, state-of-the-art production facilities, effective management, a multi-disciplinary team of committed professionals, and an aspiration to be the number one producer of innovative and quality Health Care, Wellness, and Personal Care Products in the country. Already well established in the South and other parts, now Sujatha Biotech is on a path of expansion, looking at national and international horizons.